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Trinitarian Faith – Tom Torrence

Reading “The Trinitarian Faith” by Thomas F. Torrance,

Downloads for each session will appear a week before the session

Note: The following links are for those without access to the ‘Gwatkin’ CD.

Mark Thrift has kindly made available the following links on his Dropbox account for those who cannot. The files are titled and ordered for iTunes format and can be heard or downloaded by clicking on the links below. It would be helpful to use the Gwatkin reading notes provided above for each seminar as you listen.

Gwatkin: 01 Beginning of Arianism

Gwatkin: 02 Arian Controversy

Gwatkin: 03 Eusebian Reaction.

Gwatkin: 04 Council of Sardica

Gwatkin: 05 Victory Of Arianism

Gwatkin: 06 The Reign Julian

Gwatkin: 07 The Restored Homoean Supremacy

Gwatkin: 08 Fall of Arianism

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