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What is an atonement ?

Over the second part of the year 2014, at the Silo in York Street North Perth, we have been looking at the question  posed by John McLeod Campbell [1800-1882]. His book first appeared in 1856 and has been reprinted by Handsel Press in 1996. It was this newer edition which we studied.

Campbell’s way of writing is deep as it is careful. However, to a modern reader he is not so easy. His paragraphs are long and he uses  compound sentences punctuated by semi colons. Throughout this series I have written a summary of the argument flow of the book as a preparation for the Seminars which took the form of discussion. Nature of the Atonement – Summaries in PDF

We found the material profound and yet simple. Campbell takes up the central question of attempting to state what an actual atonement is, and why it is that God requires it on our behalf. He directs us to the wonderful relationship between the Father and the Son. It is here we are led into the depths of the what an atonement actually is.

Should you have a copy of Campbell’s book, and even of you don’t, the outlines on the link will give a fair indication of his work.

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